An ideal photo shoot is a thorough preparation and a little luck. Here are some advices of how to prepare for the shooting so that you get the desired result and a minimum of headache.


1. Come up with an idea  and decide what you want. Start with a general idea, colour scheme and effect that you would like to achieve, then think about the details: clothing, decor, makeup and hair. The easiest way to create a whiteboard with inspirational ideas and examples on Pinterest. The more you describe your idea to the photographer, the better. So that they will know what result you expect.

2. Think of your Look. You have put together ideas for shooting. Now pick up the bows. Do not be lazy - get half the wardrobe out of the closet and spend two or three hours in front of the mirror, choosing the perfect options. Feel free to show them to me - I will help you choose things that will look good in the frame. Carefully approach the issue of makeup for a photo shoot. Modern professional digital cameras allow you to capture the smallest details on the picture. And this means that the slightest roughness of the skin will become noticeable. In order not to spoil your subsequent impression, I insist on using the services of a professional makeup artist.

3. Feel your body! Be prepared for the fact that at photo shoots lasting an hour or more you will get tired, and very much. Therefore, before shooting, it is important to rest and sleep well. A good massage the day before the shooting, as well as a sauna or a bath will help you to relax physically. Do not drink alcohol the day before the photo shoot (and the day of the photo shoot is also not worth it), do not go to the solarium and do nothing that can change your appearance, like Bottox or fillers:) Even regular hair dyeing a day before the shooting can give an unforeseen effect. Be sure to grab a small snack. If you are hungry, you will not be able to relax, because imaginary cakes or steaks will fly before your eyes.

4. Relax! You went through all the stages of preparation and came to the set. Now forget about everything. Forget that you will be photographed now, forget about how you look. Relaxation is the key. Give yourself into the hands of professionals and enjoy!


5. Be yourself! It often happens that you relax only towards the end of the shoot. It is at such moments that you can get very beautiful shots. Be yourself, inspire and be inspired. And I will help to reveal this in the photographs.