1. Private Photosession lasts 1 - 1,5 hours, which includes the time for changing different looks.
  2. During this time, you can manage to change 3 looks, including easy makeup change and hair fix.
  3. The Client should discuss his/her clothing style ideas and combinations with the Photographer prior to the shooting. The best way would be for the Client to try different Looks before the shoot, take pictures in those clothes and send them to Photographer. That way I can advise and select the best fitting combinations for the shoot.
  4. The Client has to stick to the plan and bring the same and agreed things on the day of the shooting, otherwise the photographer is not responsible for the end result.
  5. The Client is supposed to come alone to the shoot, without any third parties.
  6. 50% prepayment is necessary prior to the shooting date. In case of client's cancellations, this amount is non refundable.
  7. Remaining 50% is to be paid at the shoot.
  8. In the case of cancellation due to photographer's fault, the full refund will be made.
  9. A professional Makeup & Hair Artist is a standard requirement, and is chosen by the Photographer. Usually it is someone from my team, with whose work I am familiar. The cost of this service is already included in the package.
  10. Please count 2 hours for the makeup and hair preparation prior to the shooting.
  11. Studio Rental or an Apartment is also included in the package.
  12. Outside Location, if preferred, has to be discussed prior to the shooting.
  13. The Photographer is not giving all the photo RAW material to the Client. You will receive 5 professionally retouched pictures in color and black&white version.
  14. It can take up to 1 month for the pictures to be given to the Client. Please be patient! 
  15. The selection of the final pictures is done by the photographer.
  16. It is possible to order extra pictures at an additional cost of 80 PLN per retouched picture.
  17. Please don't be late for a photoshoot, cause if I would have another client after you, then your time would be just reduced by the delay time.
  18. The photographer keeps the right to publish some of the pictures in the portfolio. The client should inform earlier if they don't want their name tagged or published.
  19. The Client should not color correct or retouch pictures by himself. Please inform the photographer and the proper corrections can be made.
  20. The client should specify the preferred amount of retouch.
  21. Repeating clients may ask for discounts on the Photo Days.
  22. The photographer will give the Client a link for downloading pictures from the photographers web site.
  23. The photographer keeps the right to electronically signing each picture.