Some tips for Model Posing in a Studio environment. It is pretty hard to stand in front of the Photographer in an empty space, without so many props. So, if you are starting in this industry, train in front of the mirror. Check yourself in different poses. Make sure to pay attention to the position of your hands, they have to be smooth and delicate; legs need to look elongated; face muscles relaxed; stomach firm and back & shoulders straight unless stated otherwise by the photographer. Just remember, one thing is to make selfies where you see yourself and know how to position yourself the right way, but another thing is to pose in front of the photographer. You don't see yourself, so you need to know yourself from all of your best sides. It takes a lot of practice and it is not an easy job as everyone thinks it is. You need to give your maximum in the minimum amount of time. Your body has to be in total sync with your mind. You have to watch yourself as if from a third perspective and like what you are seeing.