• The secret we all want to reveal – who is the best wedding photographer in Wrocław? 

I don't know my direct competition, since I am concentrating on my own professional development and growth

  • Do you look good in pictures? 

I usually look good on pictures if I am not caught off guard:)

  • How did you start working in the wedding photography field? 

I was starting from Sensual Private Sessions, then was drawn into Beauty and Fashion Fields. At some point I was taking part in the shoots for the Wedding Dresses. I was fascinated by the beauty of the dresses, and realised that it is mainly the fairytale effect that I like, and it started showing in my pictures.

  • What are the key elements that make a photo attractive? 

Emotions, composition, colour palette, light, decor elements

  • Do you like travelling? 

Yes, totally exciting. Now I live in a smaller town in the mountains and although it is great as a home, it makes me want to get out once in a while for a search of an adventure and beauty.

  • What is there in your work that brings you joy? 

Creating Beauty. I see it everywhere and in almost everything and I like to show it through the lens... 

I want other people to see it the way I see it.

  • Is there anything in your work that you don't like or even hate? 

It takes me some time before I can sit on a computer and go through pictures. I can not do it right away after the shoot. I tend to be very excited after the event and am liking everything, without criticism, it is hard to make a selection of the best pictures. But if I come back to them in a week, I tend to cool down with my emotions and I can look at my work objectively already.

  • Can you imagine what wedding photography will be like in future? 

Drone operated maybe????:)))

  • What makes wedding photography different from other photography genres? 

The situation is dynamic and you have less time to adjust to the fast changing conditions.

  • How do you deal with criticism? 

I am an artist and this is my vision, sensitive as all the artist are, since I am not doing by the book. But I do listen, digest it, learn and adjust.

  • Are there tendencies in wedding photography? 

There are lots of styles, I wouldn't call it tendencies in photography. It is all very influenced as well by the wedding styles, dresses and decor.

  • What should future newlyweds pay attention to when looking for a wedding photographer? 

Uniqueness, aesthetics and style closest to their vision

  • What is absolutely unacceptable when taking photos? 

To intrude, criticise or be negative.

  • What details that usually pass unnoticed can a wedding photographer capture? 

All those secret moments and the sparks between the couple. Also all those little things that took so much time to organise, that might go unnoticed to the unprofessional eye

  • What makes a photo valuable? What are the key features of a great photo? 

Emotion, composition, color

  • Who is the 21st century symbol to your mind? 

Social Media

  • Can you specify whom you would love to shoot? 



Love Stories 


Wedding Catalogues 

Sensual Shoots

  • Is there anything in your work that you treat as prohibited "tricks"? 

No. If something looks good and aesthetic, how can it be prohibited?

  • Who would you choose to try taking photos with? 

Someone I could benefit from learning, like Lindenberg, Leibowitz, David La Chapelle, and there is many more...

  • Is there anything that worries you? What & why? 

That batteries go out:)))

  • What moment in your life you treat as the most significant one? 

The birth of my children:) Life did change after that:)

  • What cartoon, film or book character would you become if you had a chance? 

Cat Woman:)

  • What person in your life is your muse & source of inspiration? 

There isn't any in particular...instagram is pretty good source of inspiration:)

  • What is success to you? How can one measure it? 

When clients are coming back and recommending further.

  • What's better – when you are liked or are respected? 

It is harder to earn a respect!

  • What mistake in your professional experience you treat as the biggest one? 

I don't look at anything as a mistake, it is an experience

  • When travelling, what do you usually take with you & why? 

When travelling for work I take camera and off camera flash lights. As for leisure time, Iphone is enough, and lots of cloths and cosmetics of course.

  • What devices that you own you regret you bought and why? 

I was hesitant about which lens to get. I choose 50mm 1,4 lens, which is amazing for portraits, but you have to constantly move with it since it is not a zoom. Not sure if I would change it, but I would love to get an extra zoom lens. 

Some studio lights were not really useful since I prefer to work on the go.

  • How do you improve your photography skills? 

I observe what I like and do everything to figure out how was it done.I also like attending workshops of my favourite photographers cause you tend to see their direct approach and means of how they achieved it. At the end of the day, you also stay with a photo data from real photoshoots to work with later.

  • Whose works made an impact on you as a wedding photographer? 

Christiano Ostinelli and Tali Photography

  • What would you have preferred to learn before becoming a photographer? 

It takes more than talent, mainly the preservance

  • What key message are you trying to convey with your pictures? 

Beauty is inside of Us

  • What makes you continue shooting? 

I want to be the Best in what I do.

  • In your opinion, should your parents have been more or less strict to you as a child? 

They should have paid more attention to what I like.

  • Imagine that you can travel back in time. What would you do differently? 

I would have started with photography at much earlier age.

  • Is there life in the Universe? 

I believe so:)

  • Whom can you name as people you respect and admire most? 

My husband :)

  • How do you spend your leisure time? 

Either with family and kids in the mountains doing some sports or by myself and with friends going out in a big city

  • What side of you do you never show to the public? 


  • When are you totally satisfied with the results of your work? 

As soon as I stopped working on the pictures and submitting them to client.

  • Do you believe in the traditional gender roles? 

Yes, I was born in Russia with an Asian mentality, where the Man is the leader. But I was raised in Europe where there is no Gender.

  • Is it easy for you to make friends? 

I am very friendly in general. But real friends? Not really, since I tend to keep my distance for a while longer.

  • Where would you prefer to live? 

I prefer to stay where I am right now and just travel a lot.

  • What thing is the silliest one you've ever agreed to do? 

I don't keep the track of those:)))

  • Do you believe in life after wedding? 

Hard to believe:))) but yes, it does exist:))) I am happily married myself for 10 years already.

  • Have a best-loved joke? Share it with us! 

Hard One:)

  • Cats or dogs? 


  • Do you hate anyone or anything? Who or what? 

Hate is a strong word

  • Life is great thanks to: 

Me not having to work in the office for 9 hours a day and doing what I like

  • The most troubling thing in life is: 

Having to think about money

  • What would you prefer to change around you? 

Living conditions and move into my dream house

  • What would you alter in yourself if possible? 

To get some super powers:)

  • What would you prefer to change in the world? 

Pollution and Global warming 

Hunger and Poverty

  • Give some advice to a wedding photographer who is a beginner. 

Don't think too much! Go for it! Overthing tends to stop us from doing things.

  • Imagine aliens come to our planet. You are the first human they meet. What would you tell them? 

Please let me go, I have kids, they need me:)

  • If you have a chance to shoot a movie, what genre will you choose? 

Romantic Comedy of course:)

  • What are your plans for tomorrow? 

Checking out the venue of the Saturday's Wedding.